Building your brand is a combination of art and science. There are aspects that are deliberate and orderly. Other aspects are chaotic and beautiful. So if you are building your own brand or helping your client build theirs here are so key things to focus on:

1) Who are you/your client? What do you value? What inspires you? What passions do you have? How can you formulate these into a singular message and a single purpose?

2) Who are you meant to serve? High level executives? Athletes? Employees of a company? Those in a particular field that you have experience in? I worked with a client who was a chiropractor turned coach and she was working with other chiropractors to grow their business and have a work/life integration that worked for them. That was her experience and passion. What is yours?

3) Logos, websites and business cards are important but don’t spend a small fortune on those things. Have something that coveys your message and focus on your message and your purpose being understood, lived, and breathed. Your logo and website should develop as a result of your business not the other way around.

4) Plan your message. Schedule your messages for the quarter (or the year) and connect what’s going on during that time of the year with your business. Your message should be timeless and relevant. Your clients should understand your message and your purpose all year long.

5) Remember the “3 C’s” Clarity, Caring, and Consistency.

Hope you enjoyed these helpful hints. If you have any questions or if I can be of service to you in growing your business don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

~ Michelle