Coaching 365

::: Whole Life Coaching :::

Coaching 365 is a Whole Person Coach training experience geared towards coaches who want to impact their clients in a whole person perspective. In Coaching 365 we spend the whole year covering areas that are relevant and timely for our clients. These include coaching on:

  • Gratitude
  • Resiliency
  • Boundaries
  • Winning at work
  • Raising healthy kids after divorce
  • Wellness through the generations
  • Institution
  • Coaching in schools
  • Healthy relationships
  • Many more topics

Calls are held on Sunday evenings from 7-8:15 PM Eastern and are scheduled throughout the year allowing coaches to process and digest content in a slow and steady stream. This allows for application, reflection, consideration and connection to both the content areas and to other coaches on the calls.

Participants will receive handouts and supplemental content on each call to build their library of resources and strengthen their learning experience.

Investment $797 for 40 BCC CEU’s