Certified Divorce Transition Coach

NOTE: This program is being expanded for 2020 and will include TWO significant additions to the program:
1) How to create a Signature Program so that you work less
and make more impact and more money!
2) Detailed social media marketing strategies for both paid
and organic traffic.

More details will be added shortly!
Divorce sucks and sadly many people go through one each year. When out clients are faced with the most challenging of times they need a coach who understands their struggle and can help them come out of it better than ever. Reality is, divorce is a high risk endeavor. Everything is on the line. The house, the cars, the bank accounts, the assets, the liabilities and most of all, the kids. Why does divorce have to be such a horrible experience? Why do people who once loved one another so much, now want to destroy each other? Divorce is a reality in our society leaving people with questions about how to stop hurting, how to get their life back and how to become better from this devastating time.

Divorce is one of the most traumatic events for adults and children alike. Regardless of how “amicable” a divorce may be or how “out of the blue” it is, there is a great deal of transition and processing that must take place as each person adjusts to the new roles and responsibilities in life. Let’s face it, there are a whole slew of new experiences that people are not accustomed to and so much on the table it is imperative there is a Certified Divorce Transition Coach on their side to walk them through the journey to a place far better than they started.

The Certified Divorce Transition Coach program is a unique and proprietary program designed to empower coaches with the necessary skills, confidence,  “know how” and business strategies to work with clients who are in the divorce transition spectrum while building a solid niche to grow your business.

Through the 36 hour program and additional mentoring hours, coaches will gain the comprehensive skills needed to address the diverse and ever-changing needs of clients and feel confident in doing so! This certification course emphasizes the various transitional phases that a client will go through. Times of fear and deep worry, loss and confusion, hope and exhilaration and nearly every other emotion in between.

Emphasis will be on coaching clients to seek peaceful resolutions to the issues they face while empowering them to stand firm on the most important issues for them; coaching clients to be effective parents both individually and in a co-parent relationship with the goal of keeping a peaceful and loving environment for their children, lessening the impact of divorce on the children.

An effective Divorce Transition Coach will help their clients:

  • Get off the emotional roller coaster
  • Find their voice and empower them to speak it
  • Empower them to negotiate for what is important
  • Achieve better legal and life outcomes
  • Minimize the impact on children
  • Learn to effectively co-parent
  • Create strategies for divorcing someone with health and personality disorders
  • Save money in legal fees

Why become certified?

  • The program will empower you with a holistic training experience to effectively work with your client and support them in working with their attorney.
  • The program emphasizes transition through the different phases of divorce allowing you to meet clients where they are and effectively coach them to where they want to be.
  • The certification provides you with a credential that is marketable and will grow in market share and market awareness.

Certification requirements

  1. Complete all course modules
  2. Attend the webinars as well as the individual call
  3. Watch a divorce documentary
  4. Watch documentary on children and divorce
  5. Meet with a local attorney in your area
  6. Attend a divorce related hearing at your local courthouse
  7. Submit all completed assignments

This course has been approved for 36 BCC CEU’s including  4 CEU’s for Ethics.

This class is taught by BCC Certified Coach Michelle McEllis. You can learn more about her qualifications and background here.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to tap into a market that needs highly qualified and specialized coaches!

2020 Fall Session

Call Schedule
Seven Sunday’s beginning September 13 from 4-7 PM Eastern plus weekly individual calls scheduled with Michelle. The Signature Program and Marketing portions will begin after the certification is complete.

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