WCThe Wellness Coach Toolbox

10 BCC CEU’s

Investment: $197

Everyone has been asking for The Wellness Coach Toolbox so from now until June 15 you can get it before the UPGRADED release to the public!

If you purchase it now not only do you have access to the current 30 modules, BUT you WILL receive ALL the additional modules that are being created (12-15 modules giving you 42-45 modules!), the sales letter and email sequence for your marketing, PLUS some BONUS content 🙂 When it releases the investment will be double what you can get it for now. You will get everything that the upgraded version has without the upgraded price! Don’t miss it!

Are you tired of reinventing the wheel for each client having to address the same issues in a different order only to address the same issues again with yet another client? Stop the chaos and get The Wellness Coach Toolbox! It is a Done-For-You wellness coaching program that allows you to customize wellness programs for your clients for up to 30 sessions! The toolbox is over 300 pages which includes session outlines, client handouts, and resources as well as marketing materials to attract new clients!

What are coaches saying about the program? Here are some comments from coaches who recently purchased the Toolbox and attended the calls:

  • I am totally impressed with this program and marvel at the focus and persistence it takes to put it together AND am so grateful  you’ve made it available to others through this course! Thank you for all your hard work and for offering this course and the program at such a fair price.
  • Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful and thorough course. I am full of ideas about how to bring wellness content to my clients!
  • I know you are receiving many messages about your Toolbox program so I will make this brief. I want to express what an outstanding young woman you are and how incredibly smart you are-what a visionary putting together a program like this! IT is real!!  Real topics, real resources and most of all, real caring for others.
  • Thank you for displaying your integrity, strong faith and confidence that a program like this will serve many in a helpful way!
  • I know this may be a repeat on what others were saying on the phone today, but I wanted to thank you for your insight, experience, expertise and organization of the Wellness Toolbox.

Note: You will receive a link to the files with downloading instructions within a few hours of purchase.

This course is a hybrid of 7 hrs home study and one 3 hour call. In this course we will cover:

•    The various areas of wellness and how to bring awareness to the inter-dependency

•    Asking key questions to facilitate deeper understanding with your clients

•    Creating a structured environment for your clients to grow and connect wellness concepts to their life

•    How you can support them in their journey towards their wellness

•    How to use The Wellness Coach Toolbox with your coaching practice

This course APPROVED for 10 BCC CEU’s

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