I had an old neighbor reach out to me via Facebook. She was going through a divorce and her soon to be ex was trying to get full custody of their 5 year old little girl, sweet Josey. She was scared, worn out, and felt lost. He had physically beat her and she was asking for photos I had taken of her some years ago of her deeply bruised face and body.

Since I had lost track of her and only recently reconnected, I looked all over to no avail. I assume I deleted the pictures; probably out of concern that my own kids would see those horrific images. At the time when all this happened, I advised her to get a gmail or some other email address where she could send herself emails documenting the abuse. Unfortunately, she didn’t heed my advice.

Those pictures would have been invaluable in her fight for sweet Josey. Today, she lost custody of her little girl to a monster who beat her over the span of their entire marriage.

Many coaches don’t realize the implicit trust and authority that comes with the earned title of COACH. When someone is a Certified Divorce Transition Coach it lets your potential client know you have training, you have authority within the realm of coaching through a divorce, and more importantly clients will see you as a strategic partner in their most stressful time. A voice of reason, calm and someone who cares not about adding extra hours to bill, but in helping their client transition through to a place a peace.

I was “just a neighbor” to Josey’s mom and she was lost, confused and most of all manipulated by her abuser to cut off all ties with me. It is a decision she regrets deeply and one that has profoundly impacted her daughter and herself for the rest of their lives.

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