I don’t know about you but I am sick of hearing about politics and even with the elections being over Tuesday we won’t hear the end of it. Regardless of which candidate wins and which policies will impact you and your business, what matters most is the steps you take to create your personal economy that will allow you to flourish regardless of who is in the WH.

Coaches MBA has two really unique courses that can help you catapult your business over the muck of politics and into a great 2017!

The Wellness Coach Toolbox is a 24 module (about to be upgraded to 30) program that can be fully customized for your client’s needs. While the focus is on wellness, there is so much that applies to life in general. You can mix and match the modules to customize it for every client and have a road map and resources to give you that confidence to coach! The Toolbox is approved for 10 BCC CEU’s.

A recent participant in the Toolbox wrote:

The Wellness Toolbox is nicely structured and you have put together many valuable (and doable) tips, strategies, exercises.

Thank you again for offering this valuable package for BCC CEUs. Your toolbox has given me fresh information and worksheets.

I know this may be a repeat on what others were saying on the phone today, but I wanted to thank you for your insight, experience, expertise and organization of the Wellness Toolbox.

More and more people are wanting to launch their own business and with all the economic arguing going on between the candidates the only “job” people can depend on is the one they create. Launch From The Ladder is a comprehensive program that you can use with clients to guide them through the process from idea to fully launched.

A recent participant in the Launch course wrote:

I enjoyed this course &  I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise & the great materials you have provided. Thanks again for an enjoyable and knowledge-packed course. I appreciate your up-beat & positive attitude.

Regardless of who wins the elections, make sure you are prepared to make 2017 your year for success! Have an amazing day and may God bless America.

Be Well,