Gratitude has been rising up to the surface of society more and more over the years. Studies have shown that living a life of gratitude, even in the midst of trials, contributes to the overall sense of well-being not just in health and wellness but in satisfaction in work, growth in business and success in all areas of life.

As coaches we know that helping our clients bring gratitude into their life and learn how to sustain it is important for living a full and joyful life. Practice doesn’t always make perfect but practice does make for a habit worth having. Gratitude is simply living a thankful life. Thankful for the blessings but also thankful for the trials that test and sharpen us. This is not blindly trying to live in some kind of utopia, but rather being deliberate in the filters used to see the world and the choices made in responding to all that happens.

How does one practice gratitude? Here are some ideas:

  • Keep a journal of gratitude. Write down everything you are thankful for and reflect on it often.
  • During dinner spend time with your family asking them what they are thankful for. While it may seem “weird” or odd at first, the habit of practicing thankfulness
  • Go on a complaining detox. Try to go 24 hours without complaining. Make it a game with your family or friends.
  • Shift from complaining to thankfulness. When you find yourself complaining, change it into thankfulness.
  • Take every opportunity to be thankful. Express thankfulness to your family, friends, associates, and anyone who crosses your path!

The more gratitude you express, the more you will feel gratitude and the more you feel gratitude, the more joyful life will become. Simple? Yes. The best things in life are.

Wishing you a day full of gratitude!

~ Michelle