Since my kids got out of school I have been enjoying not having to get up early to get them to school. I also shifted my coaching calls to later in the day/different days to take advantage of this time with my kids.

Something I realized though is how much my mornings mattered. Having the mornings alone to think, process, strategize, and meditate is something I am realizing how important it is. That time of letting the flow of my brain onto paper or up in prayer to God is time I am missing. While I love the precious memories with the kids and the experiences we are having together, I realize how important the structure of my life and the impact that has on my success.

I remember years ago reading a quote from someone that discipline is freedom. At first I thought “how could that be” but then I realized when we have a disciplined life we are then in a place of freedom to choose what we will and will not do. The morning discipline I was so used to gave me the freedom to make choices that honored my life, my kids and my business.

Some people have said that these things can be done in the evenings and that is true. Yet if you study the most successful people they all are/were early risers. They started their days early, accomplished so much before 8 AM, and went to sleep at a decent time so they had the rest and the energy to be up early and keep their momentum going.

What’s in the way of you making your mornings matter more? Are you using the quiet time of the world awakening to your advantage? Here are some key steps to make it happen.

1) Wake up early. If you do nothing else but start waking up early, get out of bed, drink some water and wash up and just sit (somewhere other than on your bed).

2) As your body gets accustomed to waking up early think about what you can add into the mornings to make it more productive. Would ten minutes of meditation help? How about slow stretches? Prayer? Visualization of your day ahead?

3) Keep doing this. Habits take time to form and getting up early isn’t always the easiest one to do but with summer upon us and the longer days this is a great time to make sure your mornings matter.

Have a great day and a magnificent morning!