As 2016 ends and we enter 2017 there is much written as a reflection of the year and in anticipation of what lies ahead. For some, 2016 could not end soon enough and to those I say I have been there and it does get better! For many 2016 was an amazing year, and by the grace of God, I was in that category this year.  Regardless, the stale waters of 2016 are quickly being swept away by the fresh water of 2017.

So what does water have to do with a counterpunch? Not much, I just thought it was a calming analogy. Here is the real message, in the sport of boxing, one of the keys to success it to master the counterpunch. The counter punch is the split second moment when your opponent is in the midst of punching you and you sneak in and punch them when they are open. This is really the only time they are vulnerable to a direct hit. This is where the knockout happens. This is where the win takes place. Not the fancy footwork or cool moves in the ring. It is in the counterpunch.

There will be times throughout the year that life will send a punch your way. The key is to be ready with your counterpunch. Here are 7 strategies to be ready with your 2017 counterpunch:

  1. Be light on your feet – Get rid of the junk around your life and your business. You can’t be light on your feet when you are carrying around loads of physical and emotional baggage.
  2. Keep moving – No I don’t mean to be a nomad (unless that brings you joy!). Keep taking action, keep trying, keep that momentum going. The more action you are taking the easier it is to correct course and be prepared for where you need to be.
  3. Ignore the crowd – When in the ring, it’s not about the cheers or the number watching on pay per view. It is about you and the actions you take. Ignore the crowd and do what YOU need to do. Don’t lose focus, especially on those shiny objects!
  4. Have a great tribe – Every great athlete doesn’t just have a great coach, they have a team of people who support them. The coach, the trainer, the sparring partner, the massage therapist, the medical team, the family and friends, and even the fans. Find your tribe and love them!
  5. Anticipate the anticipation – Before a punch, there is an anticipatory move. A pull back before the thrust forward for the punch. Anticipate that anticipatory move. How? Keep your vision focused enough on your goal but broad enough to see what is about to happen. Read, educate yourself and participate in masterminds. Get a pulse for what is happening in the world both for your business and your personal life. Most of all trust your gut. Your gut will give you the first inclination of an anticipatory move. Trust your gut or you will get gut punched.
  6. Be original – Originals don’t succeed being the first to do something. Originals succeed because they take what is being done and make it even more amazing. A new sequence of moves, a different ritual before a match, or just setting up boundaries that needed to be set, be original in your approach to life and business.
  7. Take the risk! Be willing to seize that split second window to counterpunch and when you do, give it all you got! Keep going after it. Keep looking for every opportunity and most of all, don’t hesitate. When you hesitate in boxing you get hit. When you hesitate in life and business, you miss opportunities to make an impact, to take life/business to a new level, to be a blessing, and to be more than you thought possible.

As we enter 2017, my prayer for you is that you are always looking for the counterpunch and that you take it. Leave nothing in the ring and give it all you got.

For CMBA, our phrase for 2017 is C3T:

  • Consistency: To consistently provide you with the best value in all that we do.
  • Counterpunch: To live the counterpunch, not just talk about it.
  • Creativity: To bring creative and innovative training to you that adds value to you and your business
  • Tribe: To ultimately build a tribe that learns and grows and challenges one another.

Wishing you an amazing and blessed 2017!

~ Michelle