When setting a goal, launching a business, or challenging the status quo the success (or lack thereof) is based upon one thing: choices. Our choices bring us closer or father from our goal. Our choices determine if we take action to grow our business. Our choices determine everything that we do and how we respond to life.
Within the context of choices we have a choice, do we act (or choose) the way a traitor would and betray ourselves or to we choose as an ally and support our mission? Our clients, our friends and family members and yes even us as coaches have to determine with each choice are we acting as a traitor or as an ally. I know those are harsh terms but this is life, we don’t get another round at it, there are no retakes so taking a hard look at our choices is the starting point to success.
If you have a wellness client who is trying to become more active, if they CHOOSE to sit and watch who won the fancy trophy in whatever show is on TV instead of taking a walk or going to the gym or taking a yoga class they have just made a traitorous choice in their life. If they choose to take that walk or whatever activity that they want to engage in, they have acted as an ally in their mission for wellness.
This holds true in any endeavor you coach your clients in. It all comes down to choice and how they choose to think, act, associate with, eat, drink, go, stay, make that call, whatever they choose to do they either are a traitor or an ally.
When coaching your clients, I get this is a hard pill to swallow “traitor” and “ally” but sometimes we need to be blunt with them. Their choices determine where they will be and they have to determine if they are being a traitor or an ally in their goals, in their mission, in their business and in their life.
Take a moment and reflect on your own life and business and ask yourself if you are a traitor or an ally in your decisions. I have discovered some (gulp!) traitorous choices I have made in my life and now I have the opportunity to make the choice to be my ally. I hope you will work on always being an ally in your life and your business.

Be Well,