While in the car, I listen to audio books most of the time. Currently in my Audible library is a book called Originals by Adam Grant. The book is rich in content yet one profound statement made me pause and take note: Original people are those that can take bad things and make them good and then continue on to lead a truly rewarding life. Wow!

Just a few years ago I went through a divorce. While it was a deeply emotional and painful process watching my kids suffer, what added to it was the financial toll of the legal process. An attorney is trained to take care of the legal aspects of a divorce, that’s their expertise. Divorce, however, is far more than a sum of events that lead to a signed decree. Every aspect of life changes and working with a coach empowers a client to truly turn bad things into good and help them lead an amazing and rewarding life.

Coaches MBA is proud to announce our newest program for coaches called the Certified Divorce Transition Coach program. This is a 36 hour BCC approved program that includes the 4 required hours of Ethics!

Divorce is not a single event; it is a life changing transition process. The Certified Divorce Transition Coach program is designed to equip coaches with the skills and confidence to work with their clients as they transition through the phases of divorce by helping clients:

  • Feel empowered to stand firm for what they believe in
  • Seek cooperative solutions to their unique situation
  • Minimize the financial burden while maximizing the opportunity for growth
  • Most importantly, placing the interests of children first to provide a stable and loving environment

Our program is holistic for client and coach alike. The Certified Divorce Transition Coach training prepares coaches to meet clients wherever they are in their life transition process and help them find their inner strength, direction and clarity for the future.

Coaches not only receive advanced coaching skills to recognize and understand the needs of each phase of the divorce transition process but will become keenly aware on how to ground their client to process the events and respond to situations rather than react.

Additionally, Coaches MBA offers our coaches bonus content in marketing, social media, networking, presentations and key strategies to provide immeasurable value to their clients. Also, coaches who complete the program will be listed on the Certified Divorce Coach website and benefit from overall marketing efforts. Unlike other programs that charge annual listing fees, our coaches will be listed at no additional cost.

Click here to learn more about the Certified Divorce Transition Coach program. Hope you will join us!