What if you were to get an email from everyone that you marketed to and it read:

“Dear Coach,

I am looking for a coach and I REALLY need your skills and your ability to connect with me but I didn’t hire you because I didn’t hear back from you, I didn’t understand what you really do and you didn’t seem confident in yourself as a coach so how could I feel comfortable with you coaching me?”

Reality is you WON’T get an email like this but your potential clients may be thinking this.

When you play small, when you hold back your gifts you are doing a great disservice to those you are here to serve.

If you are dismissing it thinking “I am going to get things rolling SOMEDAY…” You are wasting time and missing opportunities to serve people who NEED you NOW!

So how do you move past the excuses and show courage and determination? Here are some steps to help you rev your engine and get going.

1)     Let go of perfection.

Most entrepreneurs are deeply passionate about what they do but they have an idealistic image of what their business should look like and if things happen that skew that, they get stuck. In short, ditch the perfection and go for gaining momentum, no matter how awkward things may seem.

2)    Sell the problem you solve.

Clients need to know that working with you will help them solve the problem they are facing. Being solution focused instead of sales focused will connect you with your client’s pain points. In order to reach the clients who will pay, first market what they want and then deliver the deeper transformation that they need.

3)    Package your coaching into a system and create signature programs.

No matter your specialty or your generality of your practice, having a system and a signature program is vital to not only your marketing but more so to your confidence. When you have structure, you have freedom to move away from it as needed and fall back on it when it’s right. Your signature program, your mastermind group, these are your elite specialty programs that set you apart. Design them, develop them, engage in them!

At Coaches MBA we have a number of systems and programs that you can customize and make your own and create the very environment you need to be successful.

Launch From The Ladder is an amazing, structured program designed to help client’s launch their business while on the corporate ladder. It is a step-by-step program for you to guide your clients through transformation and practical content that will empower you so you can empower them! This course is approved for 20 BCC CEU’s..

The Wellness Coach Toolbox is the must have for every wellness coach! You will have structure to coach your clients in all the areas of life and it is fully customizable for every client! One program, infinite possibilities. This course is approved for 10 BCC CEU’s and is a hybrid of self-study and tele-class. The Toolbox is available for download and calls are scheduled through January 2017.

eCourses For Coaches Who Want to Create eCourses and Make Money. If you have wanted to design a course that you can create once and keep selling this is the course you need! You will have the structure and the confidence to create your own course and market it.  Note: this course is not approved for BCC CEU’s.

If you have any questions or need help getting clear on what you need to do to break through your barriers just contact me and we can set up a time to speak.

Be Well,