Breaking Glass Walls

Mindset is the beliefs your clients hold about themselves (and the ones you hold about yourself). These beliefs influence every aspect of your client’s life. How they see themselves, how they see their work, play, relationships, wellness, business, and even the world! Mindset coaching is about removing the obstacles being thrown up in your path by the beliefs your client’s hold about themselves.

Breaking Glass Walls is a course designed to help you understand mindset in coaching, mindset as a coaching niche, and the impact it has on your clients. Specifically in this course, we cover mindset in the following areas:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Being Fearless & Having Grit
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Money & Wealth
  • Being a Champion
  • Happiness & Confidence
  • Habits & Manifestation
  • Success in Life & How to Effectively Break the Glass Walls that hold your clients back!

The in depth calls and accompanying workbook will give you the tools needed to work with your clients in shifting their mindset, creating new life rituals, and empowering them to fully embrace life from the drivers seat!

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