Enneagram 9:27

Enneagram 9:27
20 Hours $297

The Enneagram is a dynamic and powerful tool in coaching. By identifying how the client sees the world and how they interact with their environment they are able to gain a powerful and life changing understanding of themselves and their impact on the world around them. There are 9 Enneagram types as well as 27 subtypes that further allow the client to gain transformative insights into themselves.

Here is some of what we will cover:

  • The history and background of the Enneagram
  • The 9 types and the 27 subtypes
  • The influence of wings
  • How to apply the Enneagram to your coaching practice
  • Methods of integrating the Enneagram into daily life
  • How to administer an Enneagram test
  • Using the results as a catalyst for growth and change

Included in the course are:

  • A full report on your Enneagram type
  • Live weekly coaching/training
  • Workbook to use and implement with your clients
  • Recordings of the training
  • Email support

Next Live Training: Delayed – 5 Sunday’s TBA from 5-8 PM Eastern